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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Marienwerder - Oderberg

Another early workday, and after the last meeting under way. The stretch between Marienwerder and Eberswalde is still being widened, and the construction traffic makes this part quite hectic. Thankfully we now have a VHF that also works with the mast down, and hence could coordinate with the workboats. We even got a “have a nice trip” from them in the end!

Following the given instructions to pass

After that came the highlight of this canal tour, the Niederfinow ship elevator. This time we were lucky and got in without waiting, and were given a private lift ride down to the Order valley.

Elevator ride

The biotope changes immediately, going from the sandy pine forests up to lush marshlands below.

Out of the elevator

There are very few places to stop for a vessel with our draft in the Oder valley, and hence we yet again tied to the familiar marina in Oderberg where our boat lies on a bed of soft mud.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
21.04. 12:42 Z n/a Filled up 30l
21.04. 13:10 Z n/a Departed
21.04. 14:00 Z n/a Out of construction area. Bergie used VHF like a pro to deal with who goes when and where. All of the work boats rushed to Eberswalde starting at 15
21.04. 15:50 Z n/a Into Niederfinow elevator, didn't have to wait. Private ride
21.04. 16:06 Z n/a Out of the elevator, slowing down to catch locks at sunset
21.04. 17:18 Z n/a Tied up at Oderberg Marina mud berth (1m depth). 18EUR for the night