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Friday, April 22, 2022

Oderberg - Szczecin

We started at 6:50 in the morning by removing the mooring lines and giving the boat a good shove off the pier to get out of the mud and into clear water before starting the engine.

At 7:30 we were at the last locks of this trip, and got promptly lowered near the sea level. A pleasant motoring down the stream along a nature reserve followed. We spotted beavers, falcons, and even a couple of eagles along the way.

Motoring down the West Oder

We crossed into Poland at 13:30 and hoisted the appropriate courtesy flag.

When we finally reached the low bridge we’ve been dreading, it turned out to be closed for traffic. The imaginary beer mugs in the horizon disappeared in a puff of diesel smoke, and we plotted a “scenic route” that would take us through downtown Szczecin and it’s busy commercial harbour. At least the bridges would be taller (lowest 3.4m instead of 3m)!

Szczecin sightseeing

At 17:30, two hours later than anticipated, we side tied to an empty pier at the AZS Marina. The club is putting all of their boats into the water tomorrow, so we’ll see when we get a spot at the mast crane. But at least we’re in a place ships are ocean-going and sailboats have their masts up.

In AZS marina

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
22.04. 5:53 Z n/a Start from Oderberg
22.04. 6:30 Z n/a Tied up at Hohensaaten West
22.04. 6:59 Z n/a Out of the locks. Sea level!
22.04. 8:08 Z n/a Nearing town of Stolpe. Suski spotted a beaver
22.04. 8:50 Z n/a Called AZS Bosman: south pier slip for 2 nights, mast up Sunday or Sat afternoon
22.04. 12:35 Z n/a Crossed border, Polish courtesy flag up
22.04. 14:15 Z n/a The Regalica railway bridge was blocked so rerouting around central Szczecin
22.04. 16:30 Z n/a Arrival to AZS Marina, side tied to south pier. Toilet code still the same. 2 nights + mast crane 200PLN (43EUR, but 55EUR at their rates)