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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Lehnitzsee - Marienwerder

A early work morning to get an early end for the boat-office day. At noon the first check in Elwis to see whether or not the canal is open again. The verdict was a 2 hour extension to the shutdown. Leaving a bit work to be done under way, we lifted the anchor at 14:40 and headed over to the locks.

At the Lehnitz locks we waited for an hour and were out on the high side at 15:55. I was promptly reminded, that in the German countryside the internet disappears as soon as you see the last house. So some good quality concentration time with code was achieved.


There was a fair amount of traffic along the way. Arrived in Marienwerder at 18:40 and found a berth for us for 2 nights.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
19.04. 13:38 Z n/a Hoisted anchor in 27kt gusts
19.04. 14:03 Z n/a Arrival Schleuse Lehnitz. Don't go to front when going to Berg! The water flowing in is violent! Towards Berlin, no prob.
19.04. 14:57 Z n/a Out of Schleuse Lehnitz
19.04. 17:50 Z n/a Arrived to Marienwerder. 45EUR for two nights.