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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Loch Eishort - Loch Scavaig

In the morning we got the northerly wind shift we had awaited. So, anchor up at 7:30, and in the light fickle winds we motored around the Strathaird Promontory to our target: the epic anchorage of Loch Scavaig.

A group of seals welcomed us in, and a Norwegian boat was just leaving the small anchorage. So we waited the single-hander to do his departure manouver, then dropped anchor to roughly where his had been. Now we’re tucked away behind some drying rocks in a dramatically steep Loch.


Suski went to check out the shallower spots with the sailing dinghy, and next we’ll go for a land adventure.


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
25.06. 6:26 Z 57°9'58"N 5°54'6"W 190° 0kt 5042.6NM wind 7.6kt 26° baro 1020 hPa Started main engine
25.06. 6:28 Z 57°9'58"N 5°54'5"W 0.5kt 5042.6NM wind 4.3kt 32° baro 1020 hPa Anchor up, motoring
25.06. 7:00 Z 57°9'36"N 5°56'56"W 245° 5.1kt 5044.5NM wind 13.4kt 359° baro 1019 hPa Hourly position log
25.06. 8:00 Z 57°7'12"N 6°5'23"W 263° 5.6kt 5049.8NM wind 10.1kt 45° baro 1020 hPa Hourly position log
25.06. 9:00 Z 57°11'11"N 6°9'26"W 333° 4kt 5054.4NM wind 11.3kt 360° baro 1020 hPa Hourly position log
25.06. 9:23 Z 57°11'50"N 6°9'55"W 107° 0.3kt 5055.3NM wind 5.1kt 81° baro 1020 hPa Anchored
25.06. 9:32 Z 57°11'50"N 6°9'56"W 89° 0.4kt 5055.3NM wind 8.9kt 338° baro 1020 hPa Stopped main engine
25.06. 9:51 Z 57°11'50"N 6°9'55"W 144° 0kt 5055.3NM wind 5kt 54° baro 1020 hPa Speed through water wasn't working today, looks like YDNR-02 had gotten a factory reset for some reason