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Monday, June 24, 2024

Inverie - Loch Eishort

After a somewhat loud night with the mooring buoy banging against the hull in the windstill we set sail towards Skye. We sailed in the lee side of the loch, no waves but very variable winds, as can be expected. Winds ranging from 10 to 35 knots we made good progress towards our target.


Out of the loch we enjoyed steady winds on the beam until the Sleat Peninsula ate all of our wind and we needed to motor out of the localised windstill. After rounding the cape wind slowly came back and we could sail once more. First we rolled out just the genoa as we were going dead downwind. Then the wind increased enough for us to move to just to staysail. As we needed to then sail on a ever decreasing wind angle, we hoisted the main in second reef and went through the narrows of Loch Eishort with 6 knots of speed. Not much space for mistakes and we luckily didn’t make one. After the narrows it was sails down and we motored to drop the anchor.

Now we are tucked away in a protected bay waiting out the wind and rain.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
24.06. 8:48 Z 57°2'10"N 5°41'8"W 99° 0kt 5018.3NM wind 7.3kt 165° baro 1015 hPa Started main engine
24.06. 8:53 Z 57°2'5"N 5°41'10"W 171° 2.8kt 5018.3NM wind 8kt 161° baro 1016 hPa Motoring
24.06. 8:54 Z 57°2'2"N 5°41'14"W 252° 2.2kt 5018.4NM wind 8.8kt 158° baro 1016 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Staysail
24.06. 9:00 Z 57°1'53"N 5°41'48"W 241° 4.4kt 5018.7NM wind 11.8kt 197° baro 1016 hPa Hourly position log
24.06. 10:00 Z 57°0'51"N 5°50'24"W 260° 4.7kt 5023.6NM wind 15.8kt 200° baro 1016 hPa Hourly position log
24.06. 10:26 Z 57°0'18"N 5°54'22"W 260° 5.2kt 5025.8NM wind 16.1kt 178° baro 1016 hPa PAN PAN Yacht aground of Cuan Sound, contact Stornoway CG. Grey Dog reported being on site
24.06. 10:39 Z 56°59'58"N 5°56'9"W 248° 5kt 5026.9NM wind 14.8kt 175° baro 1016 hPa Apparently the aground yacht (Mocking J) didn't require assistance
24.06. 11:00 Z 56°59'53"N 5°58'48"W 263° 4kt 5028.3NM wind 14.1kt 168° baro 1016 hPa Hourly position log
24.06. 11:37 Z 57°0'16"N 6°1'59"W 290° 1.7kt 5030.1NM wind 5.7kt 158° baro 1016 hPa Sails down, motoring
24.06. 12:00 Z 57°2'1"N 6°3'6"W 348° 4.8kt 5032.1NM wind 10.6kt 146° baro 1015 hPa Hourly position log
24.06. 12:02 Z 57°2'8"N 6°3'7"W 13° 4kt 5032.2NM wind 13.1kt 137° baro 1015 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Genoa 1
24.06. 13:00 Z 57°6'1"N 6°1'44"W 14° 4.9kt 5036.2NM wind 17.3kt 163° baro 1015 hPa Hourly position log
24.06. 13:32 Z 57°8'21"N 5°59'39"W 47° 4.6kt 5038.9NM wind 21.3kt 170° baro 1015 hPa Sails set: Staysail
24.06. 13:37 Z 57°8'37"N 5°59'6"W 47° 5.6kt 5039.3NM wind 18.8kt 169° baro 1014 hPa Sails set: Main (2nd reef), Staysail
24.06. 14:00 Z 57°9'57"N 5°55'44"W 53° 5.9kt 5041.5NM wind 24.9kt 171° baro 1014 hPa Hourly position log
24.06. 14:07 Z 57°10'4"N 5°54'43"W 72° 5.6kt 5042.1NM wind 23.8kt 181° baro 1014 hPa Sails down, motoring
24.06. 14:17 Z 57°10'0"N 5°54'6"W 176° 0.5kt 5042.6NM wind 12.7kt 196° baro 1014 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main (2nd reef), Staysail
24.06. 14:17 Z 57°10'0"N 5°54'6"W 153° 0.7kt 5042.6NM wind 16.2kt 192° baro 1014 hPa Sails down, motoring
24.06. 14:19 Z 57°9'59"N 5°54'6"W 63° 0kt 5042.6NM wind 12.6kt 198° baro 1014 hPa Anchored
24.06. 14:24 Z 57°9'59"N 5°54'4"W 267° 0kt 5042.6NM wind 20.7kt 193° baro 1014 hPa Stopped main engine
24.06. 15:32 Z 57°10'0"N 5°54'4"W 103° 0kt 5042.6NM wind 6.5kt 147° baro 1014 hPa Again a "no GPS" error on the Triton, rebooted N2K