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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Torsøy - Fureholmen

Yesterday’s project day went quite nicely - both of the electric bilge pumps are now installed. Suski also built a new grating to cover the cockpit drains. In the evening the rain ended and we enjoyed making some pancakes on a fire and well deserved project beers, thanks to Karsten.

The forecast has again better winds for the end of the week, and to capitalise on that we motored today out of the Flekkefjord to an anchorage just outside. Since the sea is warmer than air right now, this should also keep the night temperatures above freezing.


And what an anchorage this is! A protected bay surrounded by impressive cliffs. We are moored with the stern anchor to the small pier. Right next to us there is a picturesque waterfall.


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
23.04. 9:56 Z 58°15'52"N 6°39'32"E 216° 0kt 3933.4NM wind 7.7kt 353° baro 1013 hPa Wired up and tested the smaller electric bilge pump
24.04. 9:30 Z 58°15'52"N 6°39'32"E 157° 0kt 3933.4NM wind 2.8kt 359° baro 1011 hPa Installed and end-to-end tested the large bilge pump. Still needs electrical. Bilge alarm fires up around 15l water in bilge, which is the level to where we can pump with the big pump
24.04. 9:49 Z 58°15'52"N 6°39'32"E 91° 0kt 3933.4NM wind 3.5kt 355° baro 1011 hPa Started main engine
24.04. 9:55 Z 58°15'40"N 6°39'41"E 161° 5.7kt 3933.4NM wind 3.8kt 284° baro 1011 hPa Motoring
24.04. 10:00 Z 58°15'17"N 6°39'35"E 189° 5.6kt 3933.9NM wind 5.5kt 331° baro 1011 hPa Hourly position log
24.04. 11:00 Z 58°14'33"N 6°34'1"E 280° 4.3kt 3938.5NM wind 10.1kt 291° baro 1011 hPa Hourly position log
24.04. 12:00 Z 58°16'2"N 6°27'54"E 64° 2.6kt 3942.5NM wind 5.3kt 249° baro 1010 hPa Hourly position log
24.04. 12:19 Z 58°16'10"N 6°28'17"E 72° 0kt 3942.9NM wind 7.4kt 230° baro 1010 hPa Stopped