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Monday, April 22, 2024

Seløyhamn - Torsøy

Day started with slow winds as we motored out of the harbour. After we had passed the narrow fairway out, we deemed the 5kn of wind to be enough to sail with. The sea was nearly waveless and we could use even the lightest winds to sail further with a comfortable crawling speed. It doesn’t always need to be high winds and adrenaline.

As the wind slowly increased in speed, the wind veered so we needed to gybe. We hoped to make it past Lista before the wind would greet us dead on the nose. We managed in this and so far we haven’t needed to beat into the wind even once! The pilot charts have been true so far. Though the price for favourable winds has been the temperature. It is chilly when sailing if the sun isn’t shining.

After rounding Lista we turned dead downwind and headed towards Flekkefjord. The first of many fjords I hope. Even though this is a tiny one the proportions of the place blew us away. You feel like a tiny ant between the tall mountains!


As we ventured deeper we saw something big and red near our harbour for the night. Sometimes tall island would hide it but as we turned the last corner we saw it in its humongous completeness, an oil rig. It seems they have brought it here to demolish it completely after nearly 50 years in comission.


Tomorrow well stay here and work in some boat projects as the weather out at sea is prognosed to be a bit sporty.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
22.04. 6:28 Z 58°0'21"N 6°59'52"E 155° 0kt 3903.3NM wind 7.3kt 31° baro 1029 hPa Started main engine
22.04. 6:36 Z 58°0'27"N 6°59'57"E 27° 3.4kt 3903.3NM wind 4.8kt 29° baro 1029 hPa Motoring
22.04. 6:57 Z 58°0'18"N 6°58'26"E 280° 5.5kt 3904.6NM wind 5kt 55° baro 1029 hPa Autopilot activated
22.04. 7:00 Z 58°0'22"N 6°57'58"E 281° 5kt 3904.8NM wind 4.7kt 353° baro 1029 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 7:07 Z 58°0'31"N 6°56'55"E 279° 5.1kt 3905.4NM wind 7.9kt 61° baro 1029 hPa Pumped the bilge
22.04. 7:08 Z 58°0'31"N 6°56'51"E 280° 4.9kt 3905.4NM wind 8.4kt 27° baro 1029 hPa Autopilot deactivated
22.04. 7:14 Z 58°0'32"N 6°56'31"E 271° 2.8kt 3905.7NM wind 7.8kt 53° sea state 2/10 clouds 0/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1029 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
22.04. 7:14 Z 58°0'32"N 6°56'31"E 278° 2.6kt 3905.7NM wind 7.3kt 52° baro 1029 hPa Autopilot activated
22.04. 8:00 Z 58°0'38"N 6°53'33"E 281° 1.8kt 3907.3NM wind 4.6kt 83° baro 1029 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 8:38 Z 58°1'4"N 6°51'11"E 288° 3.1kt 3908.6NM wind 6.6kt 144° baro 1029 hPa Wind finally shifted, gybed the schmetti over
22.04. 8:41 Z 58°1'7"N 6°50'54"E 287° 3.2kt 3908.8NM wind 7.1kt 154° sea state 2/10 clouds 1/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1029 hPa Fishing with the Swedish set.
22.04. 9:00 Z 58°1'22"N 6°49'11"E 284° 2.8kt 3909.8NM wind 5.7kt 162° baro 1028 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 10:00 Z 58°2'29"N 6°41'41"E 286° 5.4kt 3913.9NM wind 12kt 188° baro 1028 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 11:00 Z 58°5'4"N 6°33'50"E 324° 4.5kt 3918.8NM wind 9.8kt 198° baro 1028 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 11:16 Z 58°6'0"N 6°32'10"E 325° 5.2kt 3920.1NM wind 11.7kt 189° sea state 2/10 clouds 2/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1027 hPa Passed the Lista lighthouse
22.04. 11:37 Z 58°7'16"N 6°30'32"E 24° 4.4kt 3921.7NM wind 11.1kt 163° baro 1027 hPa Gybe towards Flekkefjord
22.04. 12:00 Z 58°8'22"N 6°32'28"E 43° 2.9kt 3923.2NM wind 10kt 183° baro 1027 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 12:25 Z 58°9'13"N 6°34'32"E 59° 3.1kt 3924.6NM wind 8.9kt 199° baro 1027 hPa Sails set: Main
22.04. 13:00 Z 58°10'40"N 6°36'23"E 50° 2.9kt 3926.4NM wind 9kt 244° baro 1027 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 14:00 Z 58°12'52"N 6°41'27"E 4.2kt 3930NM wind 14.4kt 235° baro 1026 hPa Hourly position log
22.04. 14:37 Z 58°14'31"N 6°40'23"E 313° 3.2kt 3931.8NM wind 12.1kt 238° baro 1026 hPa Autopilot deactivated
22.04. 14:45 Z 58°14'48"N 6°39'55"E 321° 2.4kt 3932.2NM wind 7kt 170° baro 1026 hPa Sails down, motoring
22.04. 15:04 Z 58°15'52"N 6°39'32"E 31° 0kt 3933.4NM wind 3.6kt 94° baro 1026 hPa Stopped