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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Skagerrak, 10.8 NM NW of Bassholmen

After waking up we started a project morning. We added a new filter to the water maker and water filter and finally added the runner gasket to the front hatch. After all things were done, we said goodbye to the lovely Bassholmen and headed towards Lysekil to fill up our diesel tank. We are expecting some cold weather for the next week, so reserves need to be full to be able to run the diesel heater at anchor.

We asked around a bit for an active station as we don’t want to be the first boat fueling on a remote location and get the stale diesel that had been sitting on the tanks for the whole winter. We rather go for a place that has seen active use for the whole season. As from now on our diesel will sit in the tank for longer and longer as the need for heating is less and possibilities for sailing better!


After filling up we came to a SXK buoy right at the edge of the archipelago. Now it was a waiting game. Which will come first, the expected windshift or darkness? After so many days of just motoring between the islands we want to see the open ocean and sail a bit.

Darkness was trying to win, so we cheated and left before the expected windshift. Now we are not making our optimal course, but we have cleared the last of the rocks and have the full Skagerrak in front of us. Suski is down below trying to get some sleep as Bergie is taking the first watch.


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
17.04. 7:46 Z 58°14'30"N 11°30'24"E 12° 0kt 3726.3NM wind 4.3kt 241° baro 1009 hPa Changed drinking water filter and installed watermaker input filter
17.04. 9:47 Z 58°14'30"N 11°30'24"E 38° 0kt 3726.3NM wind 5.3kt 245° baro 1009 hPa Started main engine
17.04. 9:52 Z 58°14'33"N 11°30'9"E 293° 2.9kt 3726.3NM wind 7.5kt 212° baro 1010 hPa Motoring
17.04. 10:00 Z 58°14'52"N 11°29'55"E 293° 4.1kt 3726.7NM wind 6.7kt 289° baro 1010 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 10:53 Z 58°16'30"N 11°26'32"E 71° 0kt 3730.4NM wind 5.1kt 253° baro 1010 hPa Stopped, Lysekil fuel dock
17.04. 11:05 Z 58°16'30"N 11°26'32"E 161° 0kt 3730.4NM wind 8.3kt 254° baro 1010 hPa Filled up 48l diesel
17.04. 11:06 Z 58°16'30"N 11°26'32"E 161° 0kt 3730.4NM wind 5.7kt 253° baro 1010 hPa Started main engine
17.04. 11:11 Z 58°16'21"N 11°26'37"E 187° 5.2kt 3730.4NM wind 8.8kt 223° baro 1010 hPa Motoring
17.04. 11:59 Z 58°14'37"N 11°23'50"E 102° 0kt 3733.4NM wind 9.9kt 240° baro 1010 hPa Stopped, SXK Tjällsö
17.04. 12:11 Z 58°14'37"N 11°23'50"E 161° 0kt 3733.4NM wind 11.3kt 259° baro 1010 hPa Started watermaker, recommissioning run after the winter break. 72ppm after some running
17.04. 15:20 Z 58°14'37"N 11°23'50"E 128° 0kt 3733.4NM wind 6.5kt 257° baro 1011 hPa Stopped watermaker, 72ppm
17.04. 16:51 Z 58°14'37"N 11°23'50"E 293° 0kt 3733.4NM wind 8.5kt 313° baro 1011 hPa Started main engine
17.04. 16:54 Z 58°14'42"N 11°23'45"E 341° 4.6kt 3733.4NM wind 7.4kt 324° baro 1011 hPa Motoring
17.04. 16:59 Z 58°15'6"N 11°23'43"E 352° 5.2kt 3733.8NM wind 7.5kt 316° baro 1011 hPa Autopilot activated
17.04. 17:00 Z 58°15'11"N 11°23'41"E 345° 4.9kt 3733.9NM wind 9.2kt 310° baro 1011 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 17:28 Z 58°15'56"N 11°20'26"E 274° 4.2kt 3736NM wind 12.7kt 301° baro 1011 hPa Autopilot deactivated
17.04. 17:33 Z 58°15'57"N 11°19'45"E 255° 2.6kt 3736.4NM wind 15.2kt 331° baro 1011 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
17.04. 17:34 Z 58°15'57"N 11°19'44"E 261° 2.1kt 3736.4NM wind 14.6kt 327° baro 1011 hPa Autopilot activated
17.04. 17:45 Z 58°15'48"N 11°18'19"E 258° 6kt 3737.1NM wind 15.9kt 331° baro 1011 hPa Autopilot deactivated
17.04. 17:45 Z 58°15'48"N 11°18'18"E 255° 6kt 3737.1NM wind 15.8kt 337° baro 1011 hPa Autopilot activated
17.04. 17:56 Z 58°15'42"N 11°16'15"E 274° 5.9kt 3738.2NM wind 17.9kt 335° baro 1011 hPa Autopilot deactivated, can't cope with the wind with full sail up
17.04. 18:00 Z 58°15'36"N 11°15'26"E 242° 8.4kt 3738.7NM wind 22.7kt 336° baro 1011 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 18:21 Z 58°13'56"N 11°12'9"E 244° 8.7kt 3741.2NM wind 28.8kt 358° baro 1011 hPa Sails set: Main (2nd reef), Genoa 1 (60% furled) Wow, that totally wasn't in the forecast. Wind up to 34kt instead of 14kt
17.04. 18:34 Z 58°13'36"N 11°9'46"E 281° 6kt 3742.5NM wind 24.6kt 351° baro 1012 hPa Autopilot activated
17.04. 18:41 Z 58°13'21"N 11°8'16"E 252° 6.9kt 3743.4NM wind 26.6kt 0° sea state 4/10 clouds 6/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1012 hPa Almost 1kt current. Wind is against it, so sharp seas
17.04. 19:00 Z 58°13'6"N 11°4'21"E 256° 7.1kt 3745.5NM wind 28.8kt 14° baro 1012 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 20:00 Z 58°14'7"N 10°51'40"E 295° 6.1kt 3752.3NM wind 22.9kt 36° baro 1013 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 21:00 Z 58°16'36"N 10°42'23"E 303° 5.4kt 3757.8NM wind 16.4kt 61° baro 1013 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 21:26 Z 58°17'38"N 10°39'28"E 310° 4.7kt 3759.7NM wind 11.6kt 34° baro 1013 hPa Sails set: Main (2nd reef), Genoa 1
17.04. 21:42 Z 58°18'19"N 10°37'3"E 275° 4.6kt 3761.1NM wind 11.7kt 39° baro 1013 hPa Deployed hydrogenerator
17.04. 21:50 Z 58°18'38"N 10°36'8"E 308° 4.1kt 3761.7NM wind 8.6kt 84° baro 1013 hPa Pumped the bilge
17.04. 22:00 Z 58°19'0"N 10°35'21"E 333° 4.1kt 3762.2NM wind 9.5kt 58° baro 1014 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 23:00 Z 58°21'26"N 10°30'24"E 290° 5.7kt 3765.8NM wind 8.7kt 0° baro 1014 hPa Hourly position log
17.04. 23:05 Z 58°21'37"N 10°29'41"E 298° 5.7kt 3766.3NM wind 10.9kt 19° sea state 3/10 clouds 1/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1014 hPa Bergie gave the watch report and went inside. Suski on watch. Wind has died down to expected 10 knots, sea state has also calmed down significantly.