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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ellös - Bassholmen

At Ellös we ended up chatting with our dock neighbour. He had a very similar boat to ours, a 31ft double ender that he had sailed around the world, including Cape Horn. He recommended the island of Bassholmen as our next destination.

The fixes Jon made on the weekend to our DC-DC setup seem to have helped with the VHF interference. To test that further, we motored up to Bassholmen through the narrow rocky channel. Three ospreys were sighted, and we verified that indeed we can run the boat’s dehumidifier while motoring. Might become handy when we get to the wet parts of Norway.


At Bassholmen we tied up to the pier of the local guest harbour. The harbour opens when the season begins in May, but with our watermaker and solar panels, we should be fine for a while.

There is an old boatyard on the island that has been turned into a museum. Whilst the museum is closed for the winter, they have some of the old fishing sailboats docked outside. The family resemblance with our Lille Ø can’t be ignored!


We’ll cook dinner at the fire pit later, and so for lunch we made some sandwiches to be enjoyed at the local nature trail.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
16.04. 8:09 Z 58°11'5"N 11°27'57"E 160° 0kt 3721.7NM wind 6.4kt 68° baro 1002 hPa Started main engine
16.04. 8:15 Z 58°11'9"N 11°27'55"E 332° 3.8kt 3721.7NM wind 5.9kt 32° baro 1002 hPa Motoring
16.04. 9:00 Z 58°13'56"N 11°29'9"E 61° 4.3kt 3724.7NM wind 8.5kt 31° baro 1002 hPa Hourly position log
16.04. 9:27 Z 58°14'30"N 11°30'24"E 171° 0kt 3726.3NM wind 3.2kt 86° baro 1002 hPa Stopped, Bassholmen guest harbour. Initially prop didn't unfeather while stopping