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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Mariehamn - Norrhamn

Having had a great time in the Ålands with the Tuokio crew, it was time to think of the next move. As a very favourable wind shift is in the forecast, we decided to stage Lille Ø to an anchorage outside of Mariehamn and get the boat ready.

In a misty and windless day we motored the short hop to the Medieval anchoring bay of Norrhamn. Here we’ll do some boat projects and get a bit of rest before a likely early start tomorrow.


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
16.08. 10:36 Z 60°6'1"N 19°56'51"E 284° 0kt 2481.9NM wind 5.8kt 186° baro 1017 hPa Water to 82% 215 ppm. Mariehamn.
16.08. 11:12 Z 60°6'1"N 19°56'51"E 198° 0kt 2481.9NM wind 7.4kt 140° baro 1017 hPa Started main engine
16.08. 11:17 Z 60°6'2"N 19°56'59"E 82° 3.8kt 2481.9NM wind 8.6kt 124° baro 1018 hPa Motoring
16.08. 11:46 Z 60°5'8"N 19°59'38"E 69° 0.2kt 2483.7NM wind 4.5kt 183° baro 1018 hPa Anchored
16.08. 11:46 Z 60°5'8"N 19°59'38"E 21° 0.3kt 2483.7NM wind 2.2kt 161° baro 1018 hPa Stopped main engine
16.08. 16:52 Z 60°5'9"N 19°59'39"E 19° 0kt 2483.7NM wind 2.2kt 201° baro 1018 hPa Drilled and epoxied new dyneema holders for the spinnaker sheet blocks