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Monday, August 14, 2023

Kastelholm - Mariehamn

After visiting the Kastelholm castle and Taffel factory store it was time to find something new to see. As we had spent half of last night stargazing to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower we decided to head to town.


Expected headwinds and buddy boating meant that we decided to motor the whole way together. The navigational difficulty of today was the Lemström canal with a turn bridge. The bridge opens every full hour for 10 minutes. We arrived about 20 min too early, so we proceeded to slowly drift the last mile towards the bridge.


After the bridge it was only few miles to the harbour. We tied to pilings in the harbour and we are ready for the sights of the city. The seafaring museum here is supposed to be excellent.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
14.08. 10:18 Z 60°13'45"N 20°4'43"E 98° 0kt 2469.6NM wind 8.4kt 215° baro 1017 hPa Started main engine
14.08. 10:22 Z 60°13'39"N 20°4'43"E 147° 5kt 2469.6NM wind 12.8kt 217° baro 1017 hPa Motoring
14.08. 10:52 Z 60°11'40"N 20°3'29"E 222° 4.3kt 2471.8NM wind 14.5kt 211° baro 1017 hPa Autopilot activated
14.08. 11:00 Z 60°11'9"N 20°3'5"E 170° 4.4kt 2472.4NM wind 13.7kt 200° baro 1017 hPa Hourly position log
14.08. 11:54 Z 60°7'26"N 20°4'6"E 175° 4.4kt 2476.2NM wind 11.8kt 193° baro 1017 hPa Autopilot deactivated
14.08. 12:00 Z 60°6'57"N 20°4'14"E 173° 4.4kt 2476.7NM wind 13.9kt 191° baro 1017 hPa Hourly position log
14.08. 12:43 Z 60°5'42"N 20°1'49"E 290° 2kt 2478.9NM wind 13.1kt 193° baro 1017 hPa Waiting for Lemström bridge opening
14.08. 13:00 Z 60°5'49"N 20°1'24"E 269° 0.3kt 2479.1NM wind 9.6kt 180° baro 1017 hPa Hourly position log
14.08. 13:09 Z 60°5'46"N 20°0'29"E 251° 4.7kt 2479.6NM wind 13.1kt 223° baro 1017 hPa Through the canal
14.08. 13:49 Z 60°6'1"N 19°56'51"E 186° 0kt 2481.9NM wind 8.5kt 197° baro 1017 hPa Stopped