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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Oderberg - Berlin

We left the Oderberg marina at 6:48, ghosting along the quiet river in a thick fog.


At 7:50 we arrived at the Niederfinow ship elevator. The fog had just started lifting in the morning sun. Coming in this early, we got a private elevator to ride with! Image

At 8:40 we were out and motoring towards Berlin. We passed the dredging works at 10:50. It was exciting as always, but less problematic than the last time. At 13:55 we arrived to the Lehnitz locks. The waiting pier was full, and we ended up helping a chartered motorboat tie up alongside us. We had a long “boat buying chat” with them while waiting, and got a bottle of cold sparkling wine for our troubles. At 14:20 we were out of the locks and on the Lehnitz lake. We arrived at the Spandau locks at 17:10, and had a very long wait. Maybe the lock keeper had a lunch break? In any case, we motored out at 18:04. Arrived back to Gothia at 18:45. Berndt was waiting at the end of the pier with a tray full of cold beer. Good to be back home!


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
08.09. 5:48 Z n/a Start at Marina Oderberg. Thick fog that is due to lift with the sun
08.09. 6:50 Z n/a Arrived Niederfinow ship elevator. Still foggy
08.09. 7:40 Z n/a Out of the ship elevator. Was a private show!
08.09. 9:50 Z n/a Past the construction site. Exciting as always
08.09. 12:55 Z n/a Wait for locks. Got a bottle of cold rosé for letting a side mooring for waiting
08.09. 13:20 Z n/a Out of Lehnitz locks
08.09. 16:10 Z n/a Arrival Spandau locks
08.09. 17:04 Z n/a Leaving Spandau locks
08.09. 17:45 Z n/a Arrival Gothia