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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Szczecin - Oderberg

This was Susanna’s birthday, so we hoisted the signal flags for “S-U-S-K-I-4-0”.


We left the AZS marina at 7:30, sipping coffee while motoring along the misty river. After an uneventful trip, we entered the Hohensaaten locks at 15:53 without having to wait by “tailgating” a freighter. Tied up at the Oderberg marina at 16:59. It was time for some birthday sparkling wine!

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
07.09. 6:30 Z n/a Departure from AZS Marina
07.09. 7:38 Z n/a Turned into West-Oder
07.09. 10:30 Z n/a Left West-Oder, into canal
07.09. 14:53 Z n/a In Hohensaaten locks following freighter Izabel, no waiting
07.09. 15:11 Z n/a Out of the Hohensaaten locks
07.09. 15:59 Z n/a Arrival to Marina Oderberg, boat sitting in the mud