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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Svaneke - Swinoujscie

We started from Svaneke harbour at 11:10 to catch a favorable wind shift. At 11:20 we had sails up and were heading downwind along the east coast of Bornholm. At 13:30, somehow past Nexoe the wind died. We motorsailed a bit to get out of the wind hole.

At 13:45 the wind shifted to westerly and started strengthening, so we resumed sailing. We started the passage from Bornholm to Poland on a nice 15kt beam reach, but it would reduce, turn southerly and die overnight.


By 9:16 there was no wind left, and we had to drop sail and start motoring. We arrived to Swinoujscie harbour at 12:20, this time finding plentiful free space. In this marina the reserved boxes are marked with a red sign. Unmarked boxes are free. We paid for the marina at the harbourmaster’s office, had lunch in the tavern, and went to town for ice cream and provisions.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
03.09. 10:10 Z n/a Motor on, out of the harbour
03.09. 10:20 Z n/a 158° wind 12kt sea state 2/10 clouds 8/8 Sails up motor off
03.09. 11:43 Z n/a 178° wind 9kt sea state 3/10 clouds 7/8 Passing east marker south of Nexø
03.09. 12:22 Z n/a 140° wind 7.7kt sea state 4/10 clouds 5/8 Wind shift to easterly, confused seas. Gybed
03.09. 12:30 Z n/a wind 1kt Wind died, fock in, reef 1, motor on
03.09. 12:45 Z n/a 186° wind 15kt sea state 4/10 clouds 4/8 Full wind shift, motor off and fock out
03.09. 15:05 Z n/a 200° wind 13kt sea state 4/10 clouds 3/8 Shift change Suski out Bergie in. Risotto. Rain ahead
03.09. 19:00 Z n/a 200° wind 6kt sea state 4/10 clouds 3/8 Suski on duty, Nissinen off (too slow). Polish courtesy flag up
03.09. 23:00 Z n/a 208° wind 6kt sea state 3/10 clouds 0/8 Shift change. Wind changed from 270 to 160 from 2000 to 0000
04.09. 3:00 Z n/a 228° wind 12kt sea state 3/10 clouds 1/8 Hourly position log
04.09. 7:00 Z n/a 150° wind 7kt sea state 2/10 clouds 7/8 Shift change. Breakfast porridge with blueberry soup.
04.09. 8:16 Z n/a 196° wind 4kt sea state 2/10 clouds 8/8 Engine on, sails down
04.09. 11:20 Z n/a Tied up in box 10.5