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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Christiansoe - Svaneke

We had already caught a glimpse of the island of Bornholm on our way to Simrishamn, and now it was time to get there. At 8:15 we left Christiansoe, with some difficulties to detach our Easy-Catch system from the mooring buoy. Sails went up at 8:30.

Very light wind sail downwind towards Bornholm. At 11:08 we gave up and started motoring. The small harbour in Svaneke was full, but luckily there was still one box free with a green marker. We tied up and had a long hike to the under-renovation harbour office to pay atr the machine. Later on the harbourmaster came for a visit and advised us that the water at the pier isn’t safe to drink, so we filled our tank via jerrycans from the other side of the harbour. While we enjoyed the liquorice ice cream, neither of us really enjoyed Svaneke. The city was built with the 70s ideal of tourist towns, everything catering for cars and small-to-non-existent sidewalks.

Svaneke marina

We had plans to explore Bornholm further, but a closer look at the weather forecast told that the only window open would be to cross to Poland the next day. After that there would be no wind in this area for a week. And that would be a long way to motor…

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
02.09. 7:15 Z n/a wind 15kt Leaving harbour. Difficulties getting easy-catch off buoy
02.09. 7:30 Z n/a 135° wind 11kt sea state 3/10 clouds 0/8 Sails up, motor off
02.09. 9:00 Z n/a 200° wind 10kt sea state 3/10 clouds 1/8 Gybing towards Bornholm. Suski has to manage main sheet to prevent gybes
02.09. 9:58 Z n/a Dropped main, continuing on fock only
02.09. 10:02 Z n/a 205° wind 6kt sea state 3/10 clouds 0/8 Heading towards Svaneke
02.09. 10:08 Z n/a Motor on, fock down
02.09. 10:50 Z n/a Tied up in a box (only free one) in Svaneke