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Monday, August 16, 2021

Brieselang - Marienwerder

We left Brieselang at 9:35. The engine nearly stopped again when were just about to arrive to the Schönwalde locks, but Susanna was able to prevent it by bleeding the injector pump quickly. Now the procedure was to always have a person in front of the engine with appropriate tools when about to maneuver. Long wait at the locks due to maintenance work being done there 10:30-12:20. 12:35 the engine died again and had to be bled. Started fine afterwards. 12:45 bled again as a precaution. At 13:15 the engine died again and had to be bled. We arrived to Lehnitz locks at 16:00, and were out already at 16:28.

At 19:15 we arrived to Marienwerder and parked the boat in the box we had pre-booked. Marina was quite full with the storm forecasted for the next day. In total, the injectors had to be bled 11 times this day, a hot, loud, and stressful job.

Machine duty