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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Spundwand Kuhdammweg - Brieselang

The mechanic arrived at 7:30. We changed the primary and secondary fuel filters. A manual “bulb” fuel pump was installed in the line replacing the electric diesel pump. The engine seemed to run with some occasional manual bleeding at the injector pump. There was some water flowing to the bilge from the side of the engine (later determined to be overflow from the fresh water anti-siphon). At 13:24 we started motoring north with the intention to get closed to the Baltic sea. Susanna sat in front of the engine, ready to bleed the injector if the engine were to sputter. And sputter it did. Constantly. So after few minutes we decided this wasn’t going to work, and stopped at the nearby marina Brieselang at 13:52. The day run was a glorious 2.1NM.

Brieselang marina

At 15:02 Berndt arrived. We removed the clearly leaky manual fuel pump with a continuous fuel hose. Now the engine was running better again. We ordered pizza to the marina and paid for 4h of electricity to top up the batteries.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
15.08. 6:30 Z n/a Guten Morgen... Georg arrives 2.5 hours before the appointment... Filter 1 and 2 changed. "Are we friends or not, why would you call me to a job like this" = the second filter is really difficult to get to. Installed a new line with a manual pump before filter 1 engine ran in 10 minute intervals. Georg & Bernd & us decided as we can now bleed the system we are going to head out.
15.08. 10:30 Z n/a Georg & Bernd were gone. Where the fuck does this water come from "somewhere on the side of the engine"
15.08. 12:24 Z n/a Motor needed to be bleeded to get it running. Suski in front of open engine and watched. Then motor nearly stopped. Bleed 15 seconds bleed 15 seconds Bleed PERKELE bleed...
15.08. 12:52 Z n/a On pier
15.08. 14:02 Z n/a Bernd arrives! We took apart the installed line with the hand pump and replaced it with a long line. Bleeded. Seems to run now. Ran engine for max 20min. Water source not identified. To be monitored.