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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Bernera Bay - Oban - Loch Spelve

We hoisted the anchor at eight, along with a ginormous ball of seaweed, kelp and mud. As we were on a schedule we motored to Oban so Miisa and Phil could catch their flight back home. After we had tied up it was time to grab a shower.

At 1pm we got our next guest, Martin. We had a pub lunch and did some sightseeing. A plan emerged do some sailing still today and go anchoring for the night.

The chosen anchorage for tonight was the big and sheltered Loch Spelve. The charts were clear that we should enter at slack tide, and so we were to hit the mouth of the Loch at 20:17. We set up sail 18 and proceeded to make too good of a speed towards our target. Luckily wind died as we got into the shadow of Mull, and we could proceed drifting with the dying tide.


We timed the entrance pretty much perfectly and got through without issues. After checking out our initially planned cove, we ran into some katabatic winds and decided to reroute ourselves to the bigger and more protected Lussa River anchorage. This one is quite deep, and was quite full. But being the small boat, there was a nice spot left near the drying area.


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
16.06. 6:38 Z 56°29'39"N 5°34'40"W 209° 0kt 4856.8NM wind 6.6kt 13° baro 998 hPa Started main engine
16.06. 6:39 Z 56°29'39"N 5°34'40"W 137° 0kt 4856.8NM wind 3.1kt 9° baro 998 hPa Anchor up, motoring
16.06. 7:00 Z 56°29'0"N 5°35'44"W 231° 5.2kt 4857.7NM wind 9.4kt 326° baro 998 hPa Hourly position log
16.06. 8:00 Z 56°26'2"N 5°31'48"W 115° 5.5kt 4862.8NM wind 12.3kt 313° baro 998 hPa Hourly position log
16.06. 8:31 Z 56°24'56"N 5°28'32"W 185° 0kt 4865.1NM wind 4.9kt 329° baro 998 hPa Stopped
16.06. 15:46 Z 56°24'56"N 5°28'32"W 149° 0kt 4865.1NM wind 17.7kt 299° baro 1000 hPa martin joined the crew
16.06. 16:46 Z 56°24'56"N 5°28'32"W 207° 0kt 4865.1NM wind 17.1kt 303° baro 1000 hPa Started main engine
16.06. 16:55 Z 56°24'58"N 5°28'40"W 256° 4kt 4865.1NM wind 14.6kt 313° baro 1000 hPa Motoring
16.06. 16:59 Z 56°25'8"N 5°29'5"W 336° 3.2kt 4865.4NM wind 15.2kt 310° baro 1000 hPa Hourly position log
16.06. 17:17 Z 56°25'38"N 5°30'12"W 252° 4.1kt 4866.3NM wind 14.1kt 288° baro 1000 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main (1st reef), Staysail
16.06. 18:00 Z 56°24'52"N 5°35'2"W 237° 5.6kt 4869.6NM wind 12.1kt 330° baro 1001 hPa Hourly position log
16.06. 18:42 Z 56°23'6"N 5°38'51"W 181° 2.2kt 4872.4NM wind 5.8kt 263° baro 1001 hPa Sails down, motoring
16.06. 18:42 Z 56°23'4"N 5°38'51"W 178° 2.8kt 4872.4NM wind 5.3kt 257° baro 1001 hPa Pan pan concerning lost microlight aircraft lost north of Ardnamurchan
16.06. 19:00 Z 56°22'46"N 5°40'35"W 294° 4.4kt 4873.5NM wind 9.4kt 310° baro 1001 hPa Hourly position log
16.06. 19:09 Z 56°23'4"N 5°41'17"W 299° 2.8kt 4874NM wind 11.6kt 320° baro 1001 hPa Mayday relay: at 1842z beacon activated 0.7nm of 55deg40.40N 005deg43.3W, Belfast CG
16.06. 20:00 Z 56°24'26"N 5°43'58"W 287° 3.4kt 4877.6NM wind 8.1kt 279° baro 1002 hPa Hourly position log
16.06. 20:08 Z 56°24'33"N 5°44'25"W 359° 0kt 4877.9NM wind 14.2kt 268° baro 1002 hPa Anchored
16.06. 20:15 Z 56°24'33"N 5°44'23"W 281° 0kt 4877.9NM wind 11.2kt 292° baro 1002 hPa Stopped main engine