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Friday, June 14, 2024

Oban - Oban

After the work day it was time to get our guests out for an evening sail. A rounding of Kerrera was planned and executed. After the harbour we sailed out of the North Sound with a nice beam reach.


After the sound we settled to an upwind course to gain the needed height. As per expected the wind kept weering we made our only tack at the entrance to Loch Spelve. After that is first upwind that we slowly eased to beam reach and later at Kerrera Sound to dead downwind with poled out wing on wing.


Then back into Oban transit marina. Somebody was playing bagpipes ashore as we came in. This is peak Scotland right here.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
14.06. 13:51 Z 56°24'57"N 5°28'33"W 184° 0kt 4832.3NM wind 9.6kt 231° baro 995 hPa Started main engine
14.06. 13:58 Z 56°24'58"N 5°28'41"W 239° 2.7kt 4832.3NM wind 12.5kt 234° baro 995 hPa Motoring
14.06. 14:00 Z 56°24'56"N 5°28'50"W 235° 2kt 4832.4NM wind 10kt 225° baro 995 hPa Hourly position log
14.06. 14:01 Z 56°24'57"N 5°28'54"W 328° 3.4kt 4832.4NM wind 13.3kt 219° baro 995 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
14.06. 15:00 Z 56°24'36"N 5°36'5"W 242° 5.3kt 4837NM wind 14.6kt 192° baro 995 hPa Hourly position log
14.06. 16:00 Z 56°22'4"N 5°35'58"W 73° 4.6kt 4841.7NM wind 11.5kt 168° baro 995 hPa Hourly position log
14.06. 17:00 Z 56°23'45"N 5°31'2"W 33° 3.7kt 4845.4NM wind 9.5kt 216° baro 995 hPa Hourly position log
14.06. 17:24 Z 56°24'56"N 5°29'20"W 58° 3.1kt 4846.9NM wind 8.2kt 201° baro 995 hPa Sails down, motoring
14.06. 17:36 Z 56°24'57"N 5°28'32"W 348° 0kt 4847.5NM wind 4kt 217° baro 996 hPa Stopped