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Friday, May 31, 2024

Eilean Thinngarstaigh - Tarbert

We enjoyed our morning coffee outside, watching the seals hang out on their rocks “sunbathing”, though the sun was just a faint promise behind the clouds. We hoisted the anchor and the mainsail and rounded the island to head downwind out of the Loch Claidh. After turning to our course we rolled out the genoa too. In the cover of the island we had flat calm waters and oh what a joy it was to sail. Until the next Loch and a dead headwind to an outgoing flow on rising tide?!? So we switched to the iron gennaker and slowly made progress towards the Tarbert marina in a drizzle.


We called in ahead and were assigned the outmost finger pier. With the full keel it is always nice to be in a place where it is easy to manoeuvre in and out from. For anlegers we visited the Harris Distillery and got G&Ts as recommended by one of our Gothia colleagues. At this point the sun came out, and so we ate at the hotel overlooking their gardens, and did a tour of the small cozy village.


Cheers to Andreas M!

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
31.05. 8:33 Z 57°55'31"N 6°35'45"W 297° 0kt 4672.5NM wind 9.2kt 314° baro 1025 hPa Started main engine
31.05. 8:35 Z 57°55'31"N 6°35'45"W 355° 0kt 4672.5NM wind 8.8kt 322° baro 1025 hPa Anchor up, motoring
31.05. 8:46 Z 57°55'34"N 6°35'49"W 312° 2.5kt 4672.5NM wind 10.9kt 319° baro 1025 hPa Sailing with Main, Genoa 1
31.05. 9:00 Z 57°54'55"N 6°35'49"W 162° 3.8kt 4673.5NM wind 13.3kt 301° baro 1025 hPa Hourly position log
31.05. 9:32 Z 57°53'0"N 6°38'36"W 209° 4.3kt 4676NM wind 12.4kt 279° baro 1026 hPa Sails down, motoring
31.05. 10:00 Z 57°52'46"N 6°41'37"W 278° 3.2kt 4677.8NM wind 11.5kt 287° baro 1026 hPa Hourly position log
31.05. 10:57 Z 57°53'48"N 6°48'1"W 97° 0kt 4681.5NM wind 14.3kt 312° baro 1026 hPa Stopped
31.05. 13:53 Z 57°53'48"N 6°48'1"W 11° 0kt 4681.5NM wind 6.6kt 293° baro 1027 hPa Orion XS is alternating between connected and disconnected to Cerbo. Wiring issue? Causes NULL values in SK