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Monday, May 20, 2024

Fair Isle - Fersness Bay

Fair Isle proved to be worthy of its reputation. Amazing landscapes, tons of birds, beautiful lighthouses, cozy little museum, and even remains of a crashed WWII bomber just lying on a field.

While we were there, the harbour was quite busy. The season seems to have started! We ended up sandwiched in a raft between two big aluminium boats. So to extricate ourselves this morning, we waited until crews of both boats were up and caffeineted. Then we released our boat, backed out of the raft, and let the two boats retie their lines. Then out to the open sea!


The Atlantic was today on a gentle mood. We had a picture perfect crossing to the Orkneys in full sunshine an a broad reach, with almost no swell. The waters here are quite empty, we only saw one freighter heading the other way.


As the Orkney Islands have a new flag of their own, Suski made one while we were under way. A happy merging between a Q flag and a spare Norwegian courtesy flag!


Now we are anchored in the wide Fersness Bay off the island of Eday. From here we can start exploring the Orkney Islands. In this area, the tidal currents are the king, so our schedules will be heavily dictated by those. And a full moon is coming.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
20.05. 8:40 Z 59°32'17"N 1°36'12"W 312° 0kt 4432.2NM wind 0.5kt 120° baro 1021 hPa Started main engine
20.05. 8:47 Z 59°32'23"N 1°36'13"W 27° 5kt 4432.2NM wind 2kt 41° baro 1021 hPa Motoring, out of the päkchen sandwich
20.05. 9:00 Z 59°33'20"N 1°35'44"W 5.3kt 4433.3NM wind 4.3kt 61° baro 1021 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 9:31 Z 59°33'24"N 1°39'23"W 241° 4.1kt 4435.5NM wind 11.8kt 116° sea state 2/10 clouds 1/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1021 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
20.05. 9:37 Z 59°33'21"N 1°40'4"W 261° 3.1kt 4435.8NM wind 9.2kt 105° baro 1021 hPa Autopilot activated
20.05. 10:00 Z 59°32'57"N 1°41'38"W 245° 2.3kt 4436.7NM wind 6.3kt 124° baro 1021 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 10:01 Z 59°32'56"N 1°41'42"W 246° 2.9kt 4436.8NM wind 6.5kt 128° baro 1021 hPa We can still hear Norwegian Coastal Radio! Barely but still
20.05. 10:02 Z 59°32'55"N 1°41'46"W 242° 2.5kt 4436.8NM wind 6.4kt 119° baro 1021 hPa Started watermaker, 194ppm
20.05. 11:00 Z 59°31'47"N 1°47'45"W 245° 3.7kt 4440.1NM wind 8.6kt 135° baro 1021 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 12:00 Z 59°30'27"N 1°54'37"W 255° 3.5kt 4443.8NM wind 9.8kt 111° baro 1021 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 12:57 Z 59°28'55"N 2°2'58"W 256° 5.2kt 4448.3NM wind 10.9kt 136° sea state 3/10 clouds 0/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1020 hPa Changed for Orkney courtesy flag.
20.05. 13:00 Z 59°28'50"N 2°3'28"W 250° 5.2kt 4448.6NM wind 12.1kt 120° baro 1020 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 13:26 Z 59°27'57"N 2°8'4"W 242° 5.6kt 4451.1NM wind 12.9kt 126° baro 1020 hPa Deployed hydrogenerator
20.05. 13:43 Z 59°27'28"N 2°11'0"W 254° 4.9kt 4452.7NM wind 11.7kt 122° baro 1020 hPa Stopped watermaker, 154ppm. Two full jugs
20.05. 13:58 Z 59°27'19"N 2°13'24"W 264° 5.7kt 4453.9NM wind 10.8kt 114° baro 1020 hPa Some play has developed in boomvang lower bracket, causing noise. Immobilised with a rope
20.05. 14:00 Z 59°27'18"N 2°13'44"W 265° 5.4kt 4454.1NM wind 12.1kt 114° baro 1020 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 14:35 Z 59°26'37"N 2°19'11"W 259° 5kt 4456.9NM wind 9.8kt 123° baro 1020 hPa Stowed hydrogenerator
20.05. 15:00 Z 59°26'9"N 2°22'48"W 234° 4.2kt 4458.8NM wind 9.4kt 123° baro 1020 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 15:39 Z 59°24'19"N 2°26'58"W 226° 3.5kt 4461.7NM wind 14.3kt 113° baro 1019 hPa Passing North Ronaldsay. Now tidal stream 1.6kt against us. Fair Isle almost below the horizon
20.05. 16:00 Z 59°23'38"N 2°29'13"W 250° 4.2kt 4463NM wind 13.8kt 115° baro 1019 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 16:05 Z 59°23'28"N 2°29'51"W 245° 4.5kt 4463.4NM wind 14.2kt 105° baro 1019 hPa Received DSC all ships call from Norwegian Coastal Radio, asking all vessels to check their radio equipment (and same in Norwegian)
20.05. 16:24 Z 59°22'52"N 2°32'9"W 238° 4.2kt 4464.7NM wind 11.9kt 136° baro 1019 hPa Deployed hydrogenerator
20.05. 17:00 Z 59°20'39"N 2°35'49"W 219° 4.4kt 4467.6NM wind 13.8kt 92° baro 1019 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 17:55 Z 59°17'45"N 2°41'24"W 219° 5.7kt 4471.7NM wind 15kt 129° baro 1018 hPa Favourable tidal current now
20.05. 18:00 Z 59°17'22"N 2°42'1"W 209° 5.8kt 4472.2NM wind 16.5kt 125° baro 1018 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 18:49 Z 59°13'40"N 2°47'57"W 186° 6.7kt 4477.1NM wind 16.7kt 121° baro 1018 hPa Autopilot deactivated
20.05. 19:00 Z 59°12'57"N 2°47'50"W 170° 3.2kt 4477.8NM wind 13.2kt 111° baro 1018 hPa Hourly position log
20.05. 19:01 Z 59°12'51"N 2°47'49"W 173° 2.9kt 4477.9NM wind 11.8kt 126° baro 1018 hPa Sails down, motoring
20.05. 19:26 Z 59°11'32"N 2°46'56"W 355° 0.3kt 4479.4NM wind 12.4kt 108° baro 1018 hPa Anchored
20.05. 19:30 Z 59°11'33"N 2°46'58"W 226° 0kt 4479.4NM wind 10kt 102° baro 1018 hPa Stopped main engine