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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Lerwick - Grutness Voe

We left after getting a clearance from Port control. The motoring out was was a bit more existing than coming in, as the aft end of “Fridtjof Nansen” was blocking 2/3 of the harbour entrance. After clearing the Hurtigruten cruiseliner, we hoisted our sails and settled for the broad reach course of today.


Fairly soon we were out of the protection of the islands and we were greeted byt the gentle ocean swell once again. The fog of two days had turned into a grey morning which turned into a sunny afternoon. Finally we could properly see where we had sailed to!


Now we are anchored in a small bay next to the airport, but only a kilometer away on the island awaits our excursion of the day, Jarlshof archeological site featuring housing from the Bronze ages onwards.


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
07.05. 8:37 Z 60°9'14"N 1°8'28"W 54° 0kt 4302.6NM wind 13.1kt 345° baro 1022 hPa Started main engine
07.05. 8:40 Z 60°9'17"N 1°8'20"W 339° 2.1kt 4302.6NM wind 15.3kt 339° baro 1022 hPa Motoring
07.05. 8:42 Z 60°9'16"N 1°8'9"W 123° 4.8kt 4302.7NM wind 16.5kt 342° baro 1022 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main (1st reef), Staysail
07.05. 9:00 Z 60°8'2"N 1°7'56"W 203° 5.3kt 4304.3NM wind 15.9kt 355° baro 1022 hPa Hourly position log
07.05. 10:00 Z 60°2'58"N 1°8'8"W 188° 5.5kt 4309.3NM wind 16.7kt 329° baro 1023 hPa Hourly position log
07.05. 10:16 Z 60°1'36"N 1°8'20"W 194° 5.2kt 4310.7NM wind 11.9kt 323° baro 1023 hPa Bracket holding vang to the boom is loose and moving, making squeaky noises. Needs investigation
07.05. 11:00 Z 59°58'0"N 1°10'35"W 209° 6.2kt 4314.6NM wind 16.8kt 325° baro 1024 hPa Hourly position log
07.05. 11:55 Z 59°53'12"N 1°15'49"W 216° 6.8kt 4320.1NM wind 16.3kt 310° baro 1024 hPa Sails down, motoring
07.05. 12:00 Z 59°52'55"N 1°16'13"W 210° 4.2kt 4320.4NM wind 15.2kt 312° baro 1025 hPa Hourly position log
07.05. 12:12 Z 59°52'29"N 1°16'50"W 32° 0.7kt 4321NM wind 12.2kt 307° baro 1025 hPa Anchored
07.05. 12:18 Z 59°52'28"N 1°16'49"W 311° 0.2kt 4321NM wind 13.6kt 316° baro 1025 hPa Stopped main engine