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Monday, September 18, 2023

Schwedt - Marienwerder

Some canal works closer to Berlin force us to pace our trip a little bit differently, as we’ll need to pass a certain point tomorrow after 5pm. So today’s project was motoring through the first locks and the ship elevator.

The morning went by with a quite leisurely motoring through the national parks of the Oder valley. Lots of birds but not much other wildlife this time.


At Hohensaaten we stopped at the sport boat pier and called the lock keeper. Quite promptly we were served out own private locking and were on our way. At Niederfinow ship elevator we got even luckier, as the lights turned green just as we arrived, and we were able to enter the new elevator right away. Then up 36m and onwards!

The canal works posed not much issue this time. We still radioed ahead to confirm how to pass one of the workboats. Then we pulled into the familiar marina of Marienwerder. We’ll get a supply of fresh bread here before continuing tomorrow morning.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
18.09. 5:57 Z 53°3'24"N 14°17'58"E 266° 0kt 3040.4NM wind 6.7kt 226° baro 1012 hPa Started main engine
18.09. 6:00 Z 53°3'21"N 14°17'56"E 246° 4.5kt 3040.4NM wind 11.1kt 48° baro 1012 hPa Motoring
18.09. 7:00 Z 52°59'47"N 14°12'5"E 240° 5.1kt 3045.5NM wind 11.7kt 52° baro 1011 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 7:54 Z 52°57'37"N 14°6'25"E 197° 5.1kt 3050NM wind 11.6kt 357° baro 1010 hPa Bilge water level still the same
18.09. 8:00 Z 52°57'8"N 14°6'31"E 159° 5.2kt 3050.5NM wind 11.7kt 320° baro 1010 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 8:28 Z 52°55'3"N 14°7'42"E 170° 4.9kt 3052.8NM wind 11.6kt 330° baro 1010 hPa Hit a submerged log, first to hull then to rudder. Seems no damage
18.09. 9:00 Z 52°52'45"N 14°9'13"E 202° 4.2kt 3055.4NM wind 10.9kt 11° baro 1010 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 9:04 Z 52°52'38"N 14°9'6"E 17° 0kt 3055.6NM wind 6.7kt 0° baro 1010 hPa Stopped, Hohensaaten West warteplatz sport
18.09. 9:11 Z 52°52'38"N 14°9'6"E 201° 0kt 3055.6NM wind 6.7kt 356° baro 1010 hPa Started main engine
18.09. 9:13 Z 52°52'33"N 14°9'2"E 212° 2.7kt 3055.6NM wind 9.3kt 44° baro 1010 hPa Motoring
18.09. 9:15 Z 52°52'31"N 14°9'0"E 264° 0kt 3055.6NM wind 6.7kt 57° baro 1009 hPa Stopped, we got a private locking
18.09. 9:22 Z 52°52'31"N 14°9'0"E 0kt 3055.6NM wind 6.7kt 48° baro 1009 hPa Started main engine
18.09. 9:23 Z 52°52'30"N 14°8'59"E 230° 2.4kt 3055.6NM wind 9.1kt 32° baro 1009 hPa Motoring
18.09. 10:00 Z 52°51'51"N 14°4'12"E 273° 5.1kt 3058.8NM wind 11.7kt 78° baro 1009 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 11:00 Z 52°51'1"N 13°57'11"E 254° 5.2kt 3063.3NM wind 11.8kt 65° baro 1008 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 11:07 Z 52°51'0"N 13°56'34"E 265° 0kt 3063.7NM wind 6.7kt 71° baro 1008 hPa Stopped, Niederfinow ship elevator. Got to drive directly in
18.09. 11:27 Z 52°51'0"N 13°56'33"E 185° 0kt 3063.7NM wind 6.7kt 84° baro 1003 hPa Started main engine
18.09. 11:29 Z 52°51'1"N 13°56'25"E 250° 4.4kt 3063.7NM wind 11kt 100° baro 1003 hPa Motoring
18.09. 11:57 Z 52°51'31"N 13°52'37"E 281° 5.4kt 3066NM wind 11.9kt 95° baro 1003 hPa Motor sounds changed for a bit for a lower pitch. Everything seems normal though. Temperature, pressure, amount of water in exhaust, speed.
18.09. 12:00 Z 52°51'33"N 13°52'11"E 274° 5.3kt 3066.3NM wind 11.9kt 81° baro 1003 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 13:00 Z 52°51'27"N 13°43'52"E 287° 3.4kt 3071.4NM wind 10kt 95° baro 1003 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 14:00 Z 52°51'5"N 13°36'54"E 266° 2.5kt 3075.7NM wind 9.1kt 76° baro 1003 hPa Hourly position log
18.09. 14:08 Z 52°51'2"N 13°36'34"E 342° 0kt 3076NM wind 6.7kt 250° baro 1003 hPa Stopped