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Monday, July 31, 2023

Inkoo - Stora Fagerö

The rainy morning turned into a sweaty day. We motored with the non-existent winds to the nearest UUVI island. As we approached we saw a fully packed pier with boats already sharing the stern mooring balls. So we approached slowly and asked if the sailboat in the last mooring ball was willing to share theirs and they did. So we did a second approach towards that buoy. With a fully extended hook we caught the buoy and managed to avoid the stern of the sailboat. I was glad I could throw the first line to a fellow sailor on the pier as double parking a buoy was enough stress not to worry about stepping to the pier on the correct moment.


We are now tied up in here enjoying the island and its beaches.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
31.07. 7:34 Z 60°2'29"N 24°0'25"E 75° 0kt 2252.2NM wind 1.6kt 116° baro 1006 hPa Started main engine
31.07. 7:40 Z 60°2'21"N 24°0'35"E 170° 5.2kt 2252.2NM wind 1.5kt 89° baro 1006 hPa Motoring
31.07. 8:00 Z 60°1'9"N 24°2'44"E 151° 5.3kt 2254NM wind 1.2kt 149° baro 1006 hPa Hourly position log
31.07. 8:26 Z 59°59'42"N 24°2'11"E 10° 0kt 2255.7NM wind 5.8kt 166° baro 1006 hPa Stopped
31.07. 12:43 Z 59°59'42"N 24°2'11"E 36° 0kt 2255.7NM wind 8.8kt 148° baro 1005 hPa Started watermaker, 24ppm
31.07. 14:56 Z 59°59'42"N 24°2'11"E 271° 0kt 2255.7NM wind 3.4kt 110° baro 1005 hPa Stopped watermaker, 22ppm, jug full
31.07. 20:55 Z 59°59'42"N 24°2'11"E 225° 0kt 2255.7NM wind 2.8kt 131° baro 1005 hPa Ran diesel heater to dry the air a bit