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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Västerlandet - Tallinn

The morning started with very mild winds, 1.6 knots meant that we decided to sleep for one more hour. On the second try the wind was a whopping 4 knots, enough for us to sail with! We motored out past the last underwater rocks and hoisted the sails. Glassy calm waters with wind just enough to fill the sails, we don’t require more. Our chartplotter app estimated our arrival to be well after midnight, at least we would be there well after all the big ferries!


Along the way wind turned and picked up a bit, and our estimated arrival was earlier and earlier. So much earlier that we started checking the arrival and departure times of the big ferries. The Old Town harbour is located behind the big ferry terminals, so timing is of an essence.


Arriving to the bay of Tallinn, the wind picked up, the highest gusts were over 20 knots when before that we had only seen half of that. “Manöverböe” we sighed and rolled in the genoa.

At 1NM distance we turned on the engine, dropped the main and called Tallinn Radio 5 to ask for permission enter the harbour area. Permission was granted with the remark “you have 30 minutes to be on the turn bridge and there is Eckerö Line behind you, stay on port and keep your speed”. So we hit the gas lever to the floor and cleared ourselves from the big ships area and were on time for the bridge opening. After us the bridge would close for an hour as the disembarking passangers need an unobstructed way to the city.


Now it is time to find some food, fill the bilge and enjoy the sunny Medieval town!

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
29.06. 6:21 Z 59°56'4"N 24°26'36"E 199° 0kt 1920.8NM wind 4.6kt 136° baro 1009 hPa Started main engine
29.06. 6:28 Z 59°56'9"N 24°26'33"E 312° 2.5kt 1920.8NM wind 4.7kt 175° baro 1009 hPa Motoring
29.06. 6:57 Z 59°54'33"N 24°27'46"E 173° 2kt 1922.8NM wind 4.6kt 197° baro 1009 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
29.06. 7:00 Z 59°54'25"N 24°27'51"E 153° 2.6kt 1922.9NM wind 4.6kt 182° baro 1009 hPa Hourly position log
29.06. 7:03 Z 59°54'18"N 24°27'57"E 145° 2.2kt 1923NM wind 4.7kt 201° baro 1009 hPa Autopilot activated
29.06. 8:00 Z 59°51'32"N 24°30'1"E 161° 2.7kt 1926NM wind 3.2kt 242° baro 1009 hPa Hourly position log
29.06. 8:54 Z 59°48'55"N 24°31'55"E 161° 4.8kt 1928.8NM wind 4.6kt 199° baro 1009 hPa Motoring with the cone up, Gulf of Finland TSS
29.06. 9:00 Z 59°48'28"N 24°32'10"E 163° 4.8kt 1929.2NM wind 4.5kt 251° baro 1009 hPa Hourly position log
29.06. 9:14 Z 59°47'20"N 24°32'45"E 166° 3.8kt 1930.4NM wind 6.2kt 256° baro 1009 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
29.06. 9:58 Z 59°44'58"N 24°34'14"E 164° 4.3kt 1932.9NM wind 6.8kt 230° sea state 1/10 clouds 2/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1009 hPa Lots of rumble from the thunder cloud over Finnish coast.
29.06. 10:18 Z 59°43'39"N 24°35'12"E 163° 4.5kt 1934.3NM wind 8.5kt 235° baro 1008 hPa Out of the Gulf of Finland TSS
29.06. 11:00 Z 59°41'6"N 24°36'59"E 165° 3.9kt 1937NM wind 9.6kt 251° baro 1008 hPa Hourly position log
29.06. 12:00 Z 59°36'38"N 24°38'54"E 162° 5.4kt 1941.6NM wind 10.8kt 287° sea state 2/10 clouds 3/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1008 hPa Entered Tallinn fairway
29.06. 12:42 Z 59°33'15"N 24°40'59"E 160° 4.6kt 1945.2NM wind 10.1kt 306° baro 1008 hPa Wing on wing
29.06. 13:00 Z 59°32'10"N 24°41'55"E 152° 3.6kt 1946.4NM wind 7.8kt 327° baro 1007 hPa Hourly position log
29.06. 13:40 Z 59°29'41"N 24°44'6"E 160° 5.4kt 1949.1NM wind 13.4kt 286° baro 1007 hPa Stowed the pole
29.06. 13:53 Z 59°28'31"N 24°44'57"E 160° 5.9kt 1950.3NM wind 20.7kt 275° baro 1007 hPa Sails set: Main
29.06. 13:59 Z 59°28'1"N 24°45'23"E 150° 4.7kt 1950.9NM wind 14.2kt 291° baro 1007 hPa Autopilot deactivated
29.06. 14:00 Z 59°27'55"N 24°45'29"E 155° 5.1kt 1951NM wind 17.5kt 278° baro 1007 hPa Hourly position log
29.06. 14:02 Z 59°27'46"N 24°45'40"E 144° 5.1kt 1951.2NM wind 15.9kt 293° baro 1007 hPa Sails down, motoring
29.06. 14:12 Z 59°27'7"N 24°46'28"E 152° 5.5kt 1952NM wind 14.2kt 296° baro 1007 hPa Received port entry clearance
29.06. 14:27 Z 59°26'33"N 24°45'33"E 243° 0kt 1952.9NM wind 7.1kt 311° baro 1007 hPa Stopped