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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Nämdö - Runmarö

Sometimes the best plans come out short. Suski woke up early to the sounds of rain. With an all time speed record through the boat she was out and collecting the towels from the guard rails before they got soaking wet.

As the gusts grew higher and they hit us beam on we knew it was only a matter of time before we would drag to the rocks next to us. So rain jacket on, gather the lines from the shore and reverse out. We changed from stern to bow anchor and waited the squall to pass.

While it was raining we had breakfast and re-checked the weather prognosis. With a new 180° wind shift we were now looking at being fully exposed to the high winds in the evening, and the whole bay being a dangerous lee shore.


We decided to change anchorages and seek shelter from a nearby SXK harbour and mooring field instead. So we motored on for the next hour. Now we are in a even more protected bay swinging from the buoy ready for all of the wind directions. And there is even a sauna on the shore!


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
17.05. 5:19 Z 59°12'10"N 18°42'40"E 298° 0kt 694.1NM wind 11.8kt 238° baro 1004 hPa Started main engine. We’re being pushed onto the rocks.
17.05. 5:31 Z 59°12'8"N 18°42'40"E 235° 0kt 694.1NM wind 10.6kt 239° baro 1004 hPa Motoring
17.05. 5:34 Z 59°12'9"N 18°42'42"E 337° 0kt 694.1NM wind 15.7kt 244° baro 1004 hPa Anchored in middle of the bay
17.05. 5:36 Z 59°12'9"N 18°42'42"E 49° 0kt 694.1NM wind 10kt 229° baro 1004 hPa Stopped main engine
17.05. 7:09 Z 59°12'9"N 18°42'42"E 347° 0kt 694.1NM wind 9kt 214° baro 1004 hPa Started main engine
17.05. 7:13 Z 59°12'9"N 18°42'42"E 326° 0kt 369.2NM wind 10kt 231° baro 1005 hPa Anchor up, motoring
17.05. 7:28 Z 59°12'52"N 18°42'43"E 338° 4.7kt 695NM wind 14kt 221° baro 1005 hPa Autopilot activated
17.05. 8:00 Z 59°15'29"N 18°42'3"E 28° 5.3kt 697.9NM wind 20.4kt 197° baro 1005 hPa Hourly position log
17.05. 8:08 Z 59°16'7"N 18°42'48"E 23° 6.2kt 698.6NM wind 17.8kt 208° baro 1005 hPa Autopilot deactivated
17.05. 8:24 Z 59°16'22"N 18°43'39"E 164° 0kt 699.5NM wind 9kt 218° baro 1006 hPa Moored at SXK Runmarö
17.05. 16:49 Z 59°16'21"N 18°43'38"E 46° 0kt 699.5NM wind 1.4kt 269° baro 1014 hPa Started main engine
17.05. 16:53 Z 59°16'21"N 18°43'39"E 67° 1.6kt 699.5NM wind 1.5kt 18° baro 1014 hPa Motoring. The buoy was making a racket with the motorboat waves
17.05. 16:54 Z 59°16'21"N 18°43'37"E 183° 2.3kt 699.6NM wind 4kt 102° baro 1014 hPa Stopped, Runmarö sauna pier
17.05. 16:56 Z 59°16'19"N 18°43'39"E 155° 0kt 699.6NM wind 3.7kt 335° baro 1014 hPa Stopped main engine

Time lapse courtesy of Saillogger: