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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Äspkärsfladan - Stendörren

Today we took the mammoth task of changing to another SXK buoy 1 nautical mile away! We side tied the banana boat to Lille Ø and turned on the motor. Then we proceeded to slowly motor through the narrow passes between rocks, both visible and hiding just under the surface.


The entrance to Stendörren buoy is what you can call questionable at best. With a slow pace trusting the map and the depth sounder we glided in and caught the buoy. We had perfect timing as half an hour later a hopeful Swedish sailboat came by only to figure out that the buoy was already taken. From now on I expected that we will find it ever harder to find the SXK buoys free as the locals are slowly realizing that it is sailing season!


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
06.05. 7:11 Z 58°44'38"N 17°22'35"E 346° 0kt 632.6NM wind 7.6kt 120° baro 1034 hPa Solar was producing 0W this morning. After investigation, MultiPlus was somehow completely off network, breaking DVCC. Some wiggling of wires and turning the on/off switch a few times "fixed" it. Needs monitoring.
07.05. 8:50 Z 58°44'38"N 17°22'35"E 168° 0kt 632.6NM wind 3.2kt 121° baro 1032 hPa Started main engine
07.05. 8:54 Z 58°44'35"N 17°22'41"E 138° 2.8kt 632.6NM wind 7.4kt 157° baro 1032 hPa Motoring
07.05. 9:00 Z 58°44'22"N 17°22'57"E 184° 3.7kt 632.9NM wind 8.2kt 163° baro 1032 hPa Hourly position log
07.05. 9:15 Z 58°44'34"N 17°23'34"E 93° 0kt 633.6NM wind 8.5kt 147° baro 1032 hPa Stopped
07.05. 12:39 Z 58°44'34"N 17°23'34"E 341° 0kt 633.6NM wind 7.8kt 145° baro 1032 hPa Started watermaker
07.05. 15:11 Z 58°44'34"N 17°23'34"E 17° 0kt 633.6NM wind 9.8kt 148° baro 1031 hPa Stopped watermaker, jug full