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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Håskö - Arkösund

Our secure anchorage held us till after work. During the day it was time to work, bake some bread and make water. After the laptop was closed it was time to head out again.

The easterly wind was perfect for us today and we were gliding along with a 6kt beam reach. This is as good as it can get! Along our today’s route we had “Kejsaren”. We greeted the fairway marker as tradition dictates. Skål!


At Arkösund we picked a SXK buoy, which with this wind direction is not the most protected, but the winds should die down for the night promising a good night’s sleep.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
04.05. 11:25 Z 58°15'45"N 16°55'52"E 337° 0kt 594.3NM wind 1.4kt 326° baro 1031 hPa Started watermaker
04.05. 13:37 Z 58°15'45"N 16°55'52"E 171° 0kt 594.3NM wind 7.5kt 158° baro 1031 hPa Stopped watermaker, another full jug. 21ppm.
04.05. 14:35 Z 58°15'46"N 16°55'52"E 338° 0kt 594.3NM wind 3.3kt 147° baro 1030 hPa Started main engine
04.05. 14:41 Z 58°15'46"N 16°55'52"E 338° 0kt 594.3NM wind 5.1kt 141° baro 1030 hPa Anchor up, motoring
04.05. 14:58 Z 58°16'33"N 16°55'50"E 30° 1.7kt 595.1NM wind 6.5kt 131° baro 1030 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
04.05. 15:00 Z 58°16'38"N 16°55'51"E 357° 2.5kt 595.2NM wind 5.1kt 140° sea state 1/10 clouds 2/8 visibility 8/10 baro 1030 hPa Hourly position log
04.05. 16:00 Z 58°21'23"N 16°58'50"E 357° 5.7kt 600.4NM wind 12kt 98° baro 1030 hPa Hourly position log
04.05. 17:00 Z 58°26'10"N 16°56'29"E 15° 5.6kt 605.6NM wind 12.7kt 123° baro 1031 hPa Hourly position log
04.05. 17:37 Z 58°29'23"N 16°56'57"E 322° 2.9kt 609NM wind 7.7kt 129° baro 1031 hPa Sails down, motoring
04.05. 17:46 Z 58°29'36"N 16°56'25"E 69° 0.3kt 609.4NM wind 9.7kt 113° baro 1031 hPa Motor stopped
04.05. 17:53 Z 58°29'37"N 16°56'26"E 143° 0kt 609.4NM wind 8.8kt 112° baro 1031 hPa Stopped at Arkösund SXK buoy