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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Swinoujscie - Zickersches Höft

The morning started very early as we wanted to gain as much space between us and the lee shore of Usedom with the easterly breeze. Sails went up at 6am at the same time with the rising sun. Finally we were at the sea!

As the northeasterly winds are forecasted to prevail for the next week, we decided to head for a small excursion towards the German island of Rügen instead. Just like for the migratory birds gathered around us, this is a great staging area for heading northeast when the winds turn.


The day before we planned to leave with the staysail and the main in first reef, but as the morning greeted us with half of the expected winds, we went out with the genoa and the full main. One hour later the forecasted winds arrived and we battled the genoa back into a roll and hoisted the staysail instead. After a quick recovery break, the main was reduced to first reef. With the wind now blowing over 20kn we did not even slow down with the new setup as the sail balance was better and we didn’t have a weather helm to fight.

With the balanced sail setup it was time to test out the WindPilot! We lowered the servo rudder, attached the wind vane and set up the ropes but did not yet attach them to tiller. Then we figured out neutral position of the wind vane and attached the chain to the tiller. With a couple of tweaks on the wind vane angle we were pointing towards the first waypoint! What a feeling! Gliding through the one meter waves, nothing but the sound of wind and sea surrounding us. What a way to travel!

We passed Greifswalder Oie from the north and turned slowly towards the south side on Rügen. Only at the very end we started hand steering again as there are some good few shallows along the way. Now we are tucked behind the high shores of Rügen enjoying some peace and quiet.

This is where we also saw the first seal of the trip.


From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
15.04. 3:38 Z 53°54'42"N 14°16'11"E 0kt 169.2NM wind 4.6kt 22° baro 1009 hPa Started main engine
15.04. 3:48 Z 53°54'47"N 14°16'23"E 68° 3.4kt 169.4NM wind 7.6kt 48° baro 1009 hPa Motoring
15.04. 4:00 Z 53°55'31"N 14°16'49"E 338° 4kt 170.4NM wind 13.3kt 57° baro 1009 hPa Hourly position log
15.04. 4:03 Z 53°55'43"N 14°16'37"E 330° 5.8kt 170.6NM wind 12.2kt 45° baro 1009 hPa Motor stopped, sailing with Main, Genoa 1
15.04. 5:00 Z 54°0'27"N 14°13'59"E 328° 4.1kt 176.9NM wind 20.4kt 72° baro 1009 hPa Hourly position log
15.04. 5:03 Z 54°0'40"N 14°13'49"E 343° 6.1kt 177.2NM wind 22.4kt 63° baro 1009 hPa Sails set: Main, Staysail
15.04. 5:28 Z 54°2'58"N 14°12'3"E 351° 6.1kt 180.4NM wind 20.8kt 59° sea state 3/10 clouds 7/8 baro 1010 hPa Sails set: Main (1st reef), Staysail. Steering with windvane
15.04. 6:00 Z 54°5'34"N 14°9'2"E 331° 6.3kt 184.3NM wind 18.6kt 70° baro 1010 hPa Hourly position log
15.04. 7:00 Z 54°10'6"N 14°3'50"E 326° 5.4kt 191.1NM wind 16kt 46° sea state 3/10 clouds 8/8 visibility 7/10 baro 1011 hPa Hourly position log
15.04. 8:00 Z 54°14'34"N 13°58'30"E 314° 5.7kt 197.8NM wind 19.4kt 47° baro 1011 hPa Hourly position log
15.04. 8:49 Z 54°15'44"N 13°51'29"E 252° 5.9kt 203.1NM wind 15.1kt 52° sea state 4/10 clouds 4/8 baro 1011 hPa Poled out the staysail for wing on wing
15.04. 9:00 Z 54°15'37"N 13°49'51"E 269° 6.3kt 204.3NM wind 18.2kt 48° baro 1012 hPa Hourly position log
15.04. 9:49 Z 54°14'43"N 13°42'57"E 271° 4.9kt 209.4NM wind 15.6kt 30° sea state 3/10 clouds 8/8 visibility 6/10 baro 1012 hPa Hand steering due to narrow fairway
15.04. 10:00 Z 54°14'26"N 13°41'31"E 241° 5.1kt 210.5NM wind 14.6kt 31° baro 1012 hPa Hourly position log
15.04. 10:43 Z 54°17'24"N 13°38'17"E 5.5kt 215.4NM wind 14.6kt 52° baro 1012 hPa Sails down, motoring
15.04. 10:56 Z 54°17'35"N 13°38'53"E 72° 0.7kt 216.1NM wind 1.1kt 280° sea state 1/10 clouds 8/8 baro 1012 hPa Anchored, Zickersches Höft open roadstead
15.04. 11:02 Z 54°17'35"N 13°38'53"E 229° 0kt 216.1NM wind 8.3kt 72° baro 1012 hPa Stopped main engine