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Monday, November 28, 2022

Deck rebuild

Since coming back we took the boat up, washed the hull and patched the minor dents in the keel and started what we anticipated to be a couple week teak deck removal and painting of the deck.

That teak removal project quickly turned out to be a complete deck rebuild as we found out that our entire deck core was soaking wet and partially delaminated. The teak had hidden the underlaying faults well.

So the quick project became a mountain of work. With the help of the excellent book This old boat, the deck replacing project by Mads in the YouTube channel SailLife and all the tips tricks and wisdom shared at the club terasse we set forth on this mammoth project.


I have never heard “Ach du Scheisse!” repeated at me so many times and with such profound intonation when I explained what we had found and what we were about to do. Armed with determination and conviction and help from our friends we planned out the project and set to work. We kept the boat in the water, put a tarp on top of the mastless deck and hoped for suitably warm weather to aid us in finishing the project.

The warmest october in Germany since records began helped us push through what ended up being 5 weeks of hard work. It became our tradition to give a small progress report at the Sunday breakfast club table. Those warm words of encouragement from the breakfast club were at times the only thing keeping us going.

So what did we do?



The end result was a shiny white deck ready for the next 20 years of sailing!

Thank you so much Anatol, Andy, Bernhardt, Daniel, Martin and Philip!