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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Hästholmen - Kalmar

We started the foggy morning by hoisting the anchor after mandatory safety coffee. We motored the very narrow fairway to the open sea. On the first safe spot we hoisted the mainsail and pointed our bow to Kalmarsund.

Grey morning

Since the wind was staying aft of the beam we switched to the parasailor, reducing rolling and gaining us another 1.5 knots of speed. We utilized the smooth ride to cook a proper lunch.

Parasailor towards Kalmar

After lunch the wind veered forward of the beam and the autopilot could not cope with the gusts. We switched back to the white sails and continued on a fast beam reach towards Kalmar.


We arrived at 5 pm, tied up with boom mooring and were met by the harbour master. Card payment right at the pier, what a service! Well be staying here for a week as Susanna needs to catch the night train to Berlin. The adventure shall continue in a week when Susanna comes back.

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
07.05. 7:12 Z n/a wind 9kt clouds 7/8 baro 1019 hPa Motor on, anchor up
07.05. 7:53 Z 56°3'29"N 15°50'35"E 107° wind 16.2kt clouds 6/8 baro 1019 hPa Sails up, motor off
07.05. 9:40 Z 56°8'42"N 16°1'48"E 32° 6kt wind 15kt baro 1019 hPa Main down, parasailor up. Speed ~6kt (up by 1.5kt)
07.05. 11:00 Z 56°15'42"N 16°8'12"E 22° 5kt wind 18kt clouds 5/8 baro 1018 hPa Parasailor down, too much heel. Bergie on duty, 5kt speed
07.05. 14:32 Z 56°32'12"N 16°17'53"E 23° wind 15kt clouds 4/8 baro 1018 hPa Suski on duty, Kalmar visible
07.05. 15:40 Z n/a Motor on, Nissinen off
07.05. 16:20 Z n/a Arrival Kalmar Marina, boom mooring. ~150EUR for 7 days with power