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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Simrishamn - Tarnö

On our tour the previous day we had found out that the military shooting range outside of Simrishamn would be active on our departure day. Because of this we had an early start at 7:05, plotting the course so that we’d clear the range before it activates. At 7:15 we had sails up, and were sailing with a slight angle through the south-east corner of the range (course 030). At 8:38 we were out of the shooting range and switched to a more northerly course to head towards the Blekinge archipelago.

St4000+ is steering

At 10:22 we switched on the tiller pilot. By 11:35 the wind had reduced to 9.7kt, and we shook out the reef. Around 13:35 the wind died, and we started motorsailing, keeping the main sail up to stabilize the boat in the still-existing swell. Our first time using the motorsailing daymark! At 17:06 we were tied up at the pier in A. This is a free pier available for boats shorter than 40ft. You tie up to a buoy at the stern.

Tarnö pier

We removed some 15l of water from the bilge using an improvised bucket as the bilge pump had died. Then to explore this Unesco world heritage nature site!

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
26.08. 6:05 Z n/a Left the harbour
26.08. 6:15 Z n/a 30° Sails up
26.08. 7:38 Z n/a 35° Out of the shooting range
26.08. 9:22 Z n/a Shook out reef, wind 9.7kt 330°
26.08. 10:35 Z n/a 27° Wind down to 4kt, motorsailing, pea soup ready
26.08. 12:37 Z n/a 60° Tied up at pier in Tarnö
26.08. 16:00 Z n/a Emptied bilge, 15l of water. The bilge pump (manual) is shot. Used a beer can and a wooden foldable measuring stick