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Friday, August 20, 2021

Oderberg - Szczecin

Rainy day! We left marina Oderberg at 6:54. At 7:33 we arrived to the Hohensaaten locks, and were through by 8:09 as the only vessel in the locks.

In Hohensaaten

By 12:33 we entered Poland on the canal and hoisted the appropriate courtesy flag. The low railway bridge upon arrival to Szczecin was quite exciting! Only 2.96m clearance, so we motored through at a very low speed, with a person in the bow holding a boathook to make sure our laid-down mast and its instruments would clear it. No problems.


We arrived at 16:33 at the AZS marina, found free box based on the red-green labels, and booked the mast crane for early next morning. Time for a dinner. We were finally in a place where ships looked like ships, and sailboats had masts up! Normally the trip from Berlin to here would take only two days, but with the engine troubles we had, we were just happy to get there.

Drying gear in AZS Marina

From the logbook

Time Position Course Speed Log Weather Remarks
20.08. 5:54 Z n/a Leaving Oderberg
20.08. 6:33 Z n/a Locks Hohensaaten-Ost
20.08. 7:09 Z n/a Locks out
20.08. 11:38 Z n/a Entering Poland at West-Oder
20.08. 15:33 Z n/a Arrival AZS Marina Stettin, mast hoisting booked for 8:00